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Good Lock 2021 round ups:

Good Lock 2021 suite contains massive changes that comply with the all new One UI 3, and a few more. Why? The answers are held by Good Lock team at Samsung, we might never know. One UI 2 users whose devices are upgradable to One UI 3 are recommended to read this announcement. Those include, but may not limit to:

We also have two new Galaxy Labs modules: Thermal Guardian and Memory Guardian. See the announcement below for more info.

They're available to download from Fine Lock Home page. If you find anything wrong, please contact the developer as soon as possible.

Task Changer, Home Up and Edge Lighting Plus on One UI 3:

On February 25th, we've got a new version of Home Up which contains a new section: Task Changer. The section speaks for itself: All core features of Task Changer are built right into Home Up. That means the Task Changer module is no longer needed on One UI 3. If you still have an old version of Task Changer, you should uninstall it to avoid any possible conflicts. You can download the latest version of Home Up from here. There will be further updates for Home Up which contains more features of Task Changer in future. Therefore, Task Changer is no longer available to download on the home page.

Also, all core features of Edge Lighting Plus have been built right into the system of One UI 3. Which also means Edge Lighting Plus is currently no longer needed One UI 3. That's why the module has been removed from the download section. It will come back if there's any new animations.

This is only applied for One UI 3. There are no changes for One UI 2&1 and Oreo.

New Galaxy Labs modules:

In mid February 2021, we have two brand new Galaxy Labs modules: Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian. They will be rolled out to all One UI 3 users before Feb 21st via a server-side update. Fine Lock 1.2.00(51) will have support for them out of the box. Thank you for your patience.

The new modules are NOT available for Oreo, One UI 1 & 2 users.

Good Lock 2021 updates:

Finally we have Good Lock 2021 updates. To download all the updates available for One UI 3, please visit Fine Lock home page. Also note that all new updates except One Hand Operation Plus are only made for One UI 3. Unlike Good Lock 2020, all newest versions are not backward compatible with previous One UI versions. Therefore, One UI 2 & 1 users DO NOT upgrade your current modules.

According to some reliable sources, there will be some new modules for One UI 3. The upcoming Fine Lock 1.2.00(51) update with built-in support for them will be released shortly after they are made available.

Mid December 2020 update:

The Mid December update brings a few changes in the app and server:

App side, Fine Lock 1.1.24(50):

Server side:

December 2020 update:

The December update brings new features in the app side and changes in the server side. Users are highly recommended to update as soon as possible for the latest bug fixes and changes:

App side, all users:

App side, One UI 3:

Fine Lock 1.1.23(49) is ready for One UI 3 with the compatible fix due to big changes inside Android 11. However, all of modules other than ThemePark, SoundAssistant and One Hand Operation+ won't work. Samsung Good Lock team is expected to update them in January 2021 with no exact date given. If you're an S20 or Note20 user that really needs Good Lock, it's highly recommended to stick with Android 10 and One UI 2 until the new updates are made available.

App side, Oreo (see the release date below):

Since Good Lock team's focus is only on One UI 2 and 3 (Android 10 and 11), they have no intention to add new features nor fix any issues on Android Oreo with Samsung Experience 9. This is why the upcoming Fine Lock 1.1.23(30) would be the final release for Oreo users, unless there were a critical bug that needed urgent fix. Upgrade to Pro section will be removed for Free users, while all Pro features remain for Pro users. Update via remote configs are also ceased. Users are recommended to upgrade to newer devices. For Pro users: Previous purchase will be restored and Pro features will automatically be unlocked on new devices with the same Google account after Fine Lock is installed.

Fine Lock 1.1.23(30) is expected to be released before the end of 2020.

Server side:

Fine Lock website has been retouched to match the design of Fine Lock app. However, due to the short upcoming One UI 3 release, some components are not yet updated. They will be in the next update wave.

API endpoint for Fine Lock 1.1.03(28) and earlier versions will be closed on December 31st, 2020.

October 2020 update

The October 2020 update includes a few bug fixes and improvements from both server side and app side. Users are highly recommended to update as soon as possible to receive the latest patches.

Server side:

App side (Fine Lock 1.1.14(44)):

How to fix some issues related to September patches:

The September security patches might stop the Unit modules from working properly on some devices including Note 10, A30, A70 and A71. If you experience the issue, please do the following steps:

After that, everything should be fine. If it's not fixed for you, feel free to send me an email.

New modules: Pentastic, Wonderland and new features in HomeUp and MultiStar

In September and October 2020, we have two new modules: Penstatic and Wonderland, as well as new features added to HomeUp and MultiStar. To find out what's new, please visit Samsung Newsroom. Penstatic is only available for devices with S Pen, which include but not limit to: Note 9 series, Note 10 series, Note 20 series, Tab S4, Tab S5e, Tab S6, Tab S7 running One UI 2.1-2.5. You can download them from the Home page

Support for new modules has been rolled out to users with Fine Lock 1.1.03(28) - 1.1.13(43) via a server-side update.

July 2020 update

The July 2020 update includes many bug fixes and improvements from both server side and app side. Users are highly recommended to update as soon as possible to receive the latest patches.

Server side:

App side (Fine Lock 1.1.11(41)):

Support for HomeUp

Since late April 2020, we have a new module called HomeUp. It will appear on your module list via a server-side update, which means you don't need to wait for a new update on Google Play. The only thing you need to do is restart Fine Lock and it will be there. However, HomeUp only works on A40+, S and Note devices running Android 10 and One UI 2 with the latest security patch and One UI Home from Galaxy Store. If your device is not supported, HomeUp will crash and you'll see something like the screenshot below:

HomeUp error

In that case, please do the following steps:

  1. If you have Fine Lock 1.1.10(40) or later, just make a long press on Home Up, and uninstall it.
  2. If you have Fine Lock 1.1.03(29) or earlier, re-install HomeUp APK, which can also be found in the module download section. Then open Settings → Apps, and remove HomeUp from your App list.

Support for Game Plugins

Thanks to a feature request, Fine Lock now supports managing Game Plugins on Android 10. You can find and get it from the Fine Lock home page. However, Game Plugins modules won't be managed. This is a server-side update, so there's no update required unless you have Fine Lock version 1.0.17(24) or an older version. In that case, please update Fine Lock right now via Google Play.

After you have Game Plugins installed, it will appear on your app list. Please launch it and follow what's on your screen to install Game Booster Plus, Daily Limits and Perf Z, which can be easily installed from Galaxy Store.

NavStar does not work on a few models

The NavStar crashes on a few models such including Note 10 series while it works perfectly on other ones including S10 series. Though it shows you "Fine Lock is stopped", this is actually a problem from Samsung and not from Fine Lock. If you experience the crash, please wait for the next release. Thank you very much for your patience, but I can do nothing about that. Only Samsung can fix the error.

Download options

Since March 2020, Android 10 and 9 users can jump straight to download pages of the latest versions of Good Lock modules without manually picking up from the list by selecting "Latest versions" in Download options. If you wish to use the old option, for example, to install an old module version, please select "Manually select versions" from the drop down menu.

Note for Android 8 and 9 users: If you have the latest versions of LockStar (, MultiStar (2.5.02), QuickStar ( and Fine Lock still says "There are updates available", please just ignore that and continue using these versions. The latest releases are only made to work on Android 10.

Good Lock

Since most of Unit modules require Good Lock to be installed so they can work correctly, such as LockStar, NotiStar, QuickStar and MultiStar, Good Lock is now included in the modules list and temporarily treated like a Family module. You can find and get it from the Fine Lock home page.

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