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Vietnamese users only: Hiện Good Lock đã chính thức hỗ trợ thị trường Việt Nam. Các bạn vui lòng tải về và sử dụng Good Lock chính thức tại đây.

Good Lock and Good Guardians (previously Galaxy Labs) are great official tools for customizing and optimizing Android experience on Samsung devices. Unfortunately, they're only available for download on Galaxy Store in a few select markets. Even if you have them installed, they may not work at all. Fine Lock is here to solve the problem by acting like a launcher for Good Lock and Good Guardians modules.

You can download Good Lock and Good Guardians modules (completely safe to install) from APKMirror via the links below. Devices running One UI Core which include, but not limit to, A00 series, all F and M series are not supported. A10 and A20 series are only compatible with Family modules. Some modules may not be installable on A10, A20 and A30 series, and J series due to software limitation. Only S, Note, Z and Tab S devices have all access to modules and features. All modules are developed by Good Lock and Good Guardians teams at Samsung, and Fine Lock cannot modify their functionalities.

For settings of LockStar, MultiStar, NotiStar and QuickStar remain after reboot on One UI 2 and later, you need to install Good Lock. Although Good Lock does not actually work and give you a message like "Country not supported" or "The mapper function returned null value", it acts like the "supervisor" for Unit modules to be fully functional. This is something Fine Lock cannot resemble from Good Lock. Good Lock is not needed on One UI 1 and Oreo.

Since the February 2022 updates, Good Guardians modules do require Good Guardians and Good Guardians Agent. The duo also act like the "supervisors" for Guardians modules to be fully functional. So, even though you may see a message like "Country not supported" when you launch Good Guardians, they need to be there anyway.

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Compatible modules for your Android versions:

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For more info and tips about Good Lock modules, please visit Android Police or Sammobile (Good Lock) & (Galaxy Labs).

Special thanks to Mr. A.Winarto, Radek Jaworski, yossitarp1, Ege Alp EROL, Radek Jaworski and yobabay23 for their brilliant contribution. Fine Lock can't go this far without their valuable support.

So why APKMirror? It's a very trusted third party to provide free pure original APKs. It's maintained by the team at Android Police which is the top news source about Android. Thousands of safe APK downloads are requested from APKMirror everyday. More importantly, APKs there are not restricted by regions, so you can download any free APKs which are not made available in your country, such as some Good Lock modules.

Fine Lock is made for Samsung devices running Samsung's Android Oreo or later. Some modules require Android Pie or later. It does not work and may crash on other models. If you have it installed on a device made by other brands, please uninstall it.