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Q: After updating to One UI 5, the modules stop working. Why?
You simply need to download and install all updates for the modules from the Home page.

Q: How to download Good Lock modules?
A: Visit Fine Lock home page to download modules on your own. Due to Google Play policies, Fine Lock cannot download them for you. Beside, Fine Lock Developer wants you to know where the APKs come from and have full control of the download and installation progresses. Fine Lock never does anything behind your back.

Q: How to update the modules?
A: When there is at least an update available, Fine Lock will notify you by changing the top right icon to a red flame, and the first option under Modules section is highlighted. You click it, and will be taken to Fine Lock website which contains links to the latest versions of the modules that can be updated. This only applies to One UI 3, 4 and 5 users. Oreo and One UI 1 & 2 users will receive notifications directly from Fine Lock Developer for any updates for Unit modules, while One Hand Operation Plus and SoundAssistant can be easily updated via Galaxy Store.

Q: Why can't I install some modules, and why are some features missing?
A: Due to each module's requirements, A, J and Tab A devices can't install some modules due to feature cuts in software on affordable models. The more affordable a device is, the less features are included. Only S, Note, Fold and Tab S devices can have access to all modules and features. One UI Core devices include all M, A01, A10, A11 and F can only install One Hand Operation+ and SoundAssistant, and they can easily be installed via Galaxy Store across all regions.This is the decision of Samsung, not from Fine Lock Developer.

Q: After I do a factory reset, the modules stop working. What can I do?
A: You need to update your device software, One UI Home from Galaxy Store, and everything should work fine. Make sure you also have Good Lock installed if your device is running One UI 2. To know why Good Lock is needed, see the question below.

Q: Why do I need Good Lock on One UI 2, 3, 4 and 5? Isn't Fine Lock made to replace Good Lock?
A: Since recent One UI 2 updates, all Unit modules rely on Good Lock to be fully functional. Without Good Lock, they won't work correctly. The most common issue is all Settings of LockStar, MultiStar, NavStar and QuickStar won't persist after reboot. Users need to relaunch them to activate their settings. This problem is solved with Good Lock, which acts like their 'supervisor'. This is something Fine Lock can't clone. The Developer has tested many different attempts to replicate Good Lock, but all failed. So, though Good Lock gives some message like 'The mapper function returned null value' or 'Country not supported', it needs to be installed anyway. This is not required on One UI 1 and Oreo.

Q: What are remote configurations?
A: Sometimes, it's unnecessary for the Developer to issue a whole new version of Fine Lock via Google Play, for example, when Samsung releases new modules but there's no need any code modifications to support them, or when a new version of a module is released with minor changes that requires a simple small adjustment, or just simply a few strings that need correction. That's when a remote configuration is pushed. Not only does that help push updates as quickly as possible but also help the updates reaches all users out there who still use an old version of Fine Lock. That's why the Developer will only release new updates on Google Play if necessary. Otherwise, remote configuration push is the way to go. Users need to simply restart Fine Lock after the new config is successfully downloaded, and that's all.

Q: Can you add some new features to the modules to extend the customizations?
A: The modules which contain all the magic are developed and maintained by Good Lock team at Samsung. I have no control of how they work. The best thing you can do is submit a feedback via an in-app option inside of each module. Good Lock team will likely receive your requests. However, I can't comment on whether they will make the implementation.

Q: Can you add some new features to Fine Lock itself?
A: Absolutely. In fact, Grid layout, the larger icon size, and making non-installed modules hidden are made from community's requests. Have an idea to help improve Fine Lock? I'm all ears.

Q: What is Dynamic wallpaper?
A: Dynamic wallpaper, which is inspired by Dynamic wallpaper on macOS Mojave and later, allows you to set two different wallpapers for device Dark/Light modes on One UI 2 and later, and Night/Day modes on One UI 1. Since Night mode is introduced in One UI 1, the feature is impossible to be ported to Oreo. Dynamic wallpaper is a Pro feature.